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CASTING: "Pink Watermelons" Short Film - Looking for Female and Male Actors

"Pink Watermelons,” a short film written by Victor Wuamett and directed by Shereen Noon, is casting for a 2 day shoot in October/November. Looking for experienced SAG or non-union actors to play MAY and MIKE. There is nominal pay according to “Ultra Low Budget” SAG requirements. Send link to your reel: with the Subject: “PINK WATERMELONS” (Actors without reels will not be considered. Must be available for a Fri., Sat., & Sun. from Oct. 28 – Nov. 13)

MARY - 45ish - Texas lawyer, outward confidence, inward insecurity, likes to be in control. Hair that can be put up or down to express inner state.

MIKE - 50ish - High school teacher, with sharp edges, restrained energy. Beard ok or not. 

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Shereen I am hoping I can get a chance to audition for your film as the Texas Lawyer. I am very good with accents, and really excited about the possibility of working with a female director. I sent you my resume and an email link to my work on Vimeo and wanted to make sure you got it. You may have a very specific idea for the lawyer that I do not fit, but I hope I can at least get the chance to audition. Let me know if my link went through, and if there is a possibility to try out for this role. I will completely understand if not, but want to make sure my videos went through before you made a decision. Thanks - Lara Dale (you know me as a Foley Artist)

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