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Filmmakers Club-Cary Brooks and Aaron Star on Visual Effects Workflow, Camera Formats and Framing

Filmmakers Club Presents:
Cary Brooks & Aaron Star
On Visual Effects Workflow, Camera Formats & Framing
October 8, Sun. 3-6pm
at FilmMakerSpace Santa Fe

Cary Brooks
Visual Effects Workflow for Independent Film
Visual effects for film has a long and fascinating history, and technological advances have brought the tools for creating and incorporating VFX well within reach of the independent filmmaker. Cary will present an overview and brief history of visual effects, demonstrate some common visual effects tools and techniques, and discuss concepts related to planning, shooting and generating VFX elements for lower-budget productions.
About Cary
Cary is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and all-around geek. He has produced, edited, directed and created visual effects for several shorts and web series in Albuquerque, in addition to producing 50+ hours of audiovisual media content for an international insurance brokerage. Cary is also a certified remote pilot and aerial cinematographer, shooting aerial footage for several local independent film productions. His VFX and editing work can be seen in the short film Knots, currently featured on the Santa Fe Network web site at

Aaron Star
Camera Formats, Aspect Ratios & Cinema Framing
Aaron began working as 1st Assistant Camera for Cinematographer Matthew Libatique, ASC, (Requiem for a Dream, Black Swan, Iron Man, etc.) and other successful DP’s in Los Angeles. As a Cinematographer, Aaron has shot feature films, music videos, and short films. His work has been selected for the Sundance Film Festival. Aaron is currently in development on a project for television and co-writing a feature screenplay for Elemental Films in Santa Fe, NM.
At least a 24 hour RSVP required (310) 497-0597.
Please bring your laptop or notebook to take notes.
Filmmakers Club Membership 2017
Fees: $75 per person and $125 for couples until Dec. 31, 2017. Non-members: $20 to attend a training, screening, workshop,presentation, or event. This presentation is $20 for non-members. To reserve your seat, please email Arrive at 3:00-3:30 to get your lattes and teas at
FilmMakerSpace/Elemental Films 19B Plaza Nueva, Santa Fe, NM 87507 (on the Aldea Plaza in Aldea de Santa Fe off the 599) Call 310-497-0597 if you get lost. At 3:30 please join us at the Media Center across the plaza from FilmMakerSpace at 3 Nuevo Milenio for the presentation
SAVE THE DATES FOR FC: Sunday Nov 5 Sunday Dec 3 3:00-6pm
Our vision is to provide a creative, connected and supportive filmmaker community where we host informative, educational, and fun gatherings that empower each of us in our successes. FilmMakerSpace has gorgeous 360 mountain views, space for private/group meetings and presentations, and a great shooting location.
See you Sunday!

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