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New Class at Sol Acting Academy for working actors

Sundays @ Six! The new, ongoing drop-in class for working actors begins January 26th

Picture Facilitated by Staci Robbins, Sundays @ 6 is a new class model for Sol Acting, answering the working actors need for a safe place  to stay in shape for the auditions coming up in 2014. Bring new original material, work on audition skills, learn new techniques from master teachers who are also working actors and directors. Network with other committed artists who understand that, just like sit-ups and push-ups, you don't do them once and stay fit forever. 

This class will include visits from guest teachers from the industry (Albuquerque, Los Angeles and New York). Acting experience a must. This class is for working actors!  

This class is an ongoing class. Every Sunday from 6-9pm. To join purchase a 6 class punch card for $225.00. Punch cards are good for six months. Single class drop-in rate is also available.

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